Practice Valuations

Many dentists are unsure of the current market value of their practice. Purchasing or selling a practice is a huge decision. It is therefore critical that the most qualified valuation experts are brought in for these valuations. Dental CPA employs sophisticated valuation methods to provide you with the most comprehensive, accurate assessment of the fair market value of the dental practice you would like to purchase, or the current dental practice wish to sell.

Why Valuations are Important

“We look after your practice’s financial health, giving you more time to concentrate on client care and practice growth”
Hand pointing to iPad chart: Importance of accurate dental practice valuations

Practice Appraisals

Appraisals involve examining key practice information to help determine the market value. Some of these key pieces of information include:

Beware of “Rule of Thumb” Practice Evaluations

Some practice consultant offering a free appraisal or valuation will use a Rule of Thumb method, which uses limited information and can result in a much less substantive value. Typical rule of thumb verbiage might be:
Rule of Thumb valuations do not usually factor in technology, overhead, client base, and other highly pertinent information to determine full value.
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