Dental Practice Financial Benchmarks & Transitions

We use benchmarking to evaluate your business performance against other practices. The data we gather helps us gauge how healthy your practice is and determine which areas need improvement to achieve maximum results. As dental profit advisors, we employ highly sophisticated benchmarking techniques, and then set appropriate goals for practice efficiency and profitability.
Target with bullseye arrow illustrating accurate financial assessment and adjustments.
"Dental practice benchmarking offers lots of benefits. It helps analyze overhead to see if expenses should be reduced. It examines personnel costs to figure out if you need to hire additional staff. For practices with multiple dentists, we can evaluate your compensation structure and make sure it’s fair and on par with regional standards and industry trends. Benchmarking can even help determine what your practice is worth for transitions like strategic mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships"
Fazel Mostashari: Dental Practice Financial Expert
Fazel Mostashari

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