Information for Clients


Our goal is to provide exceptional service to all our clients. To accomplish this goal, we need to understand the priority for each communication so it can be managed properly. When you email us, please put a single letter prefix before the subject to let us know how to prioritize your request.
  • E: Emergency

    Response needed NOW!

  • U: Urgent

    Response requested within 24 hours.

  • NU: Non-Urgent

    Response requested by due date.

  • DARB: Deadline Action Required By

    Task/Action required by due date.

  • G: General

    No Response Required


At Dental CPA CA, we take security very seriously. Disastrous things (like identity theft, corporate espionage, and even ransoms) can happen when private information falls into the wrong hands. That’s why, whenever you have information to share with us, we ask that you use our document portal and/or access your QBO book by using the link below.