Due Diligence Services for Dental Practices

Are you considering buying or selling a dental practice? If your answer is yes, you should be aware that this process involves a complex yet necessary analysis. At Dental CPA in California, we specialize in providing thorough and detailed due diligence services for your unique needs. Whether you’re buying a practice, investing in one, or looking to optimize your current business, our expert team of Dental CPAs is here to guide you through every step of the financial evaluation process. You can read more information about this special service below:

What Is the Dental Due Diligence?

Dental due diligence refers to the thorough evaluation of a dental practice to examine its assets, liabilities, and commercial potential. It’s a critical process undertaken by prospective buyers or investors to understand the practice clearly before making a decision.

Why It’s Crucial for Your Practice?

Due diligence is critical for any prospective dental practice buyer or investor. It involves an extensive examination of the practice’s financial health, legal compliance, operational efficiencies, and market positioning. At Dental CPA, we understand the unique aspects of dental practices and offer tailored services to help you make informed decisions.

What Happens During a Dental Due Diligence Period?

During a dental due diligence period, our team conducts a series of assessments and investigations to ensure you have a clear and complete understanding of the dental practice you are considering. This period is critical for making an informed decision about the purchase or investment.

Our Due Diligence Services Include:

  • Financial Analysis: Detailed review of financial statements, profit and loss accounts, and tax returns.
  • Legal Compliance Check: Ensuring adherence to healthcare laws, employment laws, and dental industry regulations.
  • Patient Base Evaluation: Analysis of patient demographics and stability of the patient base.
  • Reputation Assessment: Examining online presence and community reputation.
  • Staff and Management Review: Evaluating qualifications, contracts, and performance.
  • Facilities and Equipment Inspection: Assessing the condition and suitability of dental equipment and facilities.
  • Technology Integration: Assessing the level of technology integration in practice management, including electronic health records (EHRs) and digital imaging.
  • Market Analysis: Understanding the local market, competition, and growth potential.
  • Growth and Expansion Opportunities: Identifying potential opportunities for growth or expansion, including new services or locations.

In conclusion, dental practice due diligence is a vital step in the process of buying or selling a dental practice. It provides valuable insights and safeguards for both buyers and sellers, enabling them to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and negotiate effectively. By investing time and effort into thorough due diligence, individuals can ensure a smoother transition and set themselves up for long-term success in the dental industry.

Post-Due Diligence Strategies

We understand that the due diligence phase is just the beginning of your journey towards practice success. And we go further on the process. Here, you’ll get advice on the next steps after the due diligence, including negotiations, decision-making, and transition planning.

Partner with Dental CPA in California for Expert Due Diligence

We understand that the due diligence phase is just the beginning of your journey towards practice success. And we go further on the process. Here, you’ll get advice on the next steps after the due diligence, including negotiations, decision-making, and transition planning.

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Fazel has been super helpful during my first dental practice purchase. I had him do my business entity and financial due diligence. He is always available via call or e-mail and was a great resource throughout the entire experience. He is extremely knowledgeable and reliable. He offered comprehensive insight into the practice purchase and helped me feel at ease that I am purchasing the right practice. I highly recommend Fazel to anyone and will definitely be referring my colleagues to him. Thank you Fazel!
Diana Sedler
Diana Sedler
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I was introduced to Fazel by a colleague to help with a transition to practice partnership. He incredible to say the least. He answered questions in a timely fashion, helped with acquiring the proper attorneys, and his team helped with making the proper financial decisions. I have and continue to recommend Fazel to anyone who is going through a practice acquisition or just needs a dental CPA. Thank you for all you have done.
Sean Sooferian
Sean Sooferian
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A true master of his craft! Fazel and his team have always been so responsive, helpful, and assisting with all of my needs from accounting to dental practice acquisition inquiries. Both he and his team, Zahra and other members, have always made sure that I am on top of all my financial needs and tax payments. As a new dentist, I was lost needed guidance when it came to my accounting needs and due diligence process as I always envisioned practice ownership for myself. Being very knowledgable about the process of dental practice acquisitions, Fazel has helped me to assess and value dental practices that I have been interested in, draft offer letters, and perform exceptional and comprehensive due diligence in the process. Whether you are a dentist starting your career or a multi-practice owner, I am sure Fazel and his team can find a way to cover your needs and help you to grow your business. Thank you Fazel, Zahra, and all others at Dental CPA for your invaluable experience and remarkable services!
Ang Chen
Ang Chen
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Been with Fazel and the team since we first started the practice. Very professional and helpful. Highly recommended.
Alice Fukui
Alice Fukui
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I am so happy to have met and work with Fazel to help me with my office acquisition. In complicated times of COVID and navigating the difficulty of purchasing a practice, he has been very honest, patient, and professional. He is very knowledgable and so is Zahra who has helped me a ton with accounting and tax questions. I also would like to add he and Zahra are very responsive, and has always made it easy to be in contact. I highly recommend Fazel and his services, it has been a great experience to have him on my side and looking forward to continue working with him.
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"Our dental CPA firm provides the accounting solutions and business strategies needed to keep your practice financially efficient and running smoothly. We deliver detailed reports that clearly illustrate your revenues and expenditures so you can control costs. We also provide profit coaching, cash flow management, and utilize benchmarking data that compares your practice with others and pinpoints areas that need adjustments."
Fazel Mostashari: Dental Practice Financial Expert
Fazel Mostashari

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Dental CPAs demonstrating financial expertise

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You’ll have more time for running your practice when you leave the accounting to us.

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Tax Planning and Preparation

Our proactive tax planning strategies will reduce tax liabilities, save you money, and increase profits.

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Benchmarking will reveal how your practice is really doing financially and where to make adjustments.

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We offer new dentists the financial tools they need to for a successful career in the dental industry.

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We're with you through the entire process — from goal-setting to negotiating deals and setting terms.

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